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Can you afford an accountant or tax adviser?

First things first. If you don’t need an accountant and are capable of doing the work yourself (for example simple tax returns) then we will tell you.

As you’d expect every client or entity is different and their requirements are different. As a broad guide we offer self-assessment tax returns starting at £250 + VAT, but complex tax returns for individuals with multiple sources of income can be considerably higher. Be aware that getting in touch four days before the end of the tax year with a bag full of receipts will attract a penalty charge!

Company Accounts again vary considerably. We have historically invoiced once a year upon completion and filing of the accounts but lately this has been moving towards quarterly billing for clients due to Making Tax Digital. Our intention is that clients should not be billed significantly more over a year than under previous yearly billing. Once we have an idea of the amount and complexity of the likely work we will provide estimates prior to the start of any engagement.

Our staff are at different stages of qualification and therefore more routine tasks can be completed by more junior members of staff to control costs and this is something we routinely do. Be assured that all such work is rigorously reviewed before completion.

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We are always happy to have a short introductory meeting (remotely if necessary) whereby you can get a feel for us and see if we can work together. This introductory meeting is free of charge. We think it is important that we are a good fit for each other. After all this is important stuff – your hard-earned salary and your precious businesses – you need to know that you are comfortable dealing with us. Please also be aware that due to Governmental requirements all clients will have to provide two forms of ID. Photo ID and proof of address.

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